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DS Legals is a multifaceted legal services provider that caters to a diverse range of client needs. Offering a comprehensive suite of services, the firm specializes in litigation, assisting clients through legal disputes with strategic advice and representation in court. Their expertise extends to matters related to Overseas Citizen of India (OCI), ensuring a seamless process for individuals seeking OCI status. DS Legals also provides immigration services, guiding clients through complex immigration laws and procedures. The firm’s proficiency in agreement drafting ensures that clients have well-crafted legal documents, covering various aspects such as business contracts and partnerships.
Additionally, DS Legals serves as a valuable business advisory partner, offering insights and legal guidance to navigate regulatory compliance and strategic decision-making. Rounding out their services, the firm facilitates document attestation, assuring the authenticity of legal documents for both personal and business purposes. With a client-focused approach, DS Legals aims to meet the unique legal requirements of individuals and businesses, providing reliable and effective solutions across diverse legal domains

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Services in the Immigration sector shall include any query a foreign national faces with respect to Indian Indian Immigration that shall cover the tax norms as well..


Our litigation services include the civil, commercial, criminal litigation matters of all kinds. The firm is also dealing with the arbitration matter including the domestic and foreign arbitration.


Drafting and Conveyancing of all property related documents for WILL, sale deed, Gift deed, lease Deed,Moratgage Deeds, Memorandum of Understandings, all kinds of private and commercial agreements.


Our company is recognised as a leading service provider that provides superior quality Certificate Attestation Services to our valued clients.

FRRO Services


Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) is a government agency in India that is responsible for registering and monitoring the stay of foreigners in the country.

Overseas Citizen Of India

Overseas Citizen Of India

An Overseas Citizen of India is a lifetime visa status. It is the closest thing to dual citizenship that India offers.


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DS Legals stands out as a premier legal services provider, offering a comprehensive range of services including litigation, immigration assistance, OCI matters, agreement drafting, business advisory, and document attestation. Our team of experienced legal professionals is dedicated to delivering top-notch, personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Are the online lawyers at DS Legals qualified?

The online lawyers at DS Legals are highly qualified professionals with expertise across various legal domains. Their credentials, experience, and commitment to excellence make them well-equipped to handle a diverse range of legal matters. Clients can trust in the proficiency of the DS Legals legal team to provide expert guidance and effective solutions, ensuring their legal needs are met with competence and reliability.

How does DS Legals ensure success in litigation services?

DS Legals approaches litigation with a strategic mindset, providing clients with comprehensive advice and representation in court. Our focus on understanding the intricacies of legal disputes and our dedication to achieving favorable outcomes set us apart as a leader in litigation services.

Can DS Legals handle complex immigration matters effectively?

Yes, DS Legals excels in immigration services, guiding clients through intricate immigration laws and procedures. Our knowledgeable team ensures a smooth process for visa applications, compliance with regulations, and resolution of related legal matters.

What makes DS Legals a trusted partner for business advisory services?

DS Legals serves as a trusted business advisor, offering valuable insights and legal guidance. We assist businesses with regulatory compliance, contract negotiations, and strategic decision-making, contributing to their success and growth.

How does DS Legals ensure the authenticity of attested documents?

DS Legals facilitates document attestation services with meticulous attention to legal requirements, assuring the authenticity of documents for both personal and business purposes. Our commitment to accuracy and compliance sets us apart in the attestation process.

DS Legals | Areas of Specialization

DS Legals specialize in various areas of law, depending on  client needs.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution: This includes representing clients in court proceedings and alternative dispute resolution methods like arbitration and mediation.

Immigration Services: These services are designed to help individuals navigate the complex immigration process, ensuring compliance with the immigration laws and regulations of a particular country.

Labour and Employment Law: This includes advising clients on employment contracts, labour disputes, and compliance with employment laws.

Criminal Law: This includes representing clients in criminal proceedings and advising them on criminal law matters.

Area Of Specialization

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